The American P&I Club Learning Management System developed with IDESS Interactive Technologies wins the prestigious Seatrade Maritime "Investment in People" Award

The American Club sees managing crew competence as key to safety, security and environmental protection. Although training is essential for developing competence, knowledge and skills are often lost soon after the training event, unless they are applied. To address this, the Club, together with IDESS IT developed an online Learning Management System that not only transfers knowledge but also monitors retention through periodic assessment. The output from the assessment of each candidate is analyzed. Any gaps identified are closed by links to relevant learning resources, thereby reinforcing retention systematically, supporting continual personal improvement, and maintaining crew competence. [...]

VIDEO - Midway, a plastic island

CNN's Nick Paton Walsh travels to Midway Atoll in the Pacific Ocean to investigate how the plastic we throw away everyday enters the food chain and possibly, our bodies.

VIDEO - Response to Marine Oil Spills: Oil spill compensation

An oil spill can cause financial loss for a variety of organisations and individuals. We'll look at some examples of the economic impacts of oil spills on businesses and livelihoods and finding out about the compensation process, from the sources of recompense, to what to do when preparing claims.

VIDEO - Response to Marine Oil Spills: Environmental impacts

We look at the environmental impacts of oils spills from the immediate effects on eco-systems and habitats to prospects for long term recovery. While an incident remains in the public eye, images of oiled coastlines and wildlife can influence a great deal of debate and decision making. But what's the truth about the impact an oil spill can have on the environment?

VIDEO - Response to Marine Oil Spills: At-sea response

When there's a spill at sea there's the opportunity to reduce the amount of oil which reaches the shore. But to be successful in limiting the damage. You need to be prepared and act fast. In this programme we look at different strategies for response at sea, including containment and recovery, the use of dispersants and in situ burning.

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